Film Production: The Responsibilities One Should Withhold

Production of a film can be a long, detailed process for even the smallest of films. Many don’t realize that there is more to film production than actors, costumes and make-up. But no matter the length or budget of a film there are three basic stages that a film goes through: pre-production, production or filming, and post-production.

After a film secures funding the pre-production process can begin. Obviously, getting a crew and actors are on the list of pre-production duties, but there are also more tedious things that must be done.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . The scouting of locations and making of costumes Read the rest of this entry »

Film Production: The Roles Of The Crew

The audience may be familiar with the creative contributions of a movie that come from the actors, the director, the screenwriter(s) and the cinematographer. But what about the other crucial roles of the production crew that take place behind the scenes?

Unit Production Manager

This film crew member is the head ligistical coordinator who takes care of: transportation, budget concerns and is a liaison with local authorities while on location.

1st Assistant Director

In conjunction with the Unit Production Manager, the 1st Read the rest of this entry »

Why Film Production Is So Important Today

Film production is important today in many ways.

From a technological perspective, experimentation of cameras and related equipment drive innovation for technology manufacturers. Because of the entertainment industry, companies are improving cameras with faster processors and reacting image sensors.

Film production is the process of creative filming. Without production, the resulting art, the film, would not exist. Current film production inspires the next generation of directors and producers. Additionally, the art of film led to the creation of various organizations that award the best in the industry for meritorious achievements.

Millions view Read the rest of this entry »

What Goes Into Film Production

Ever find yourself on your Dish Network watching a movie and thought to yourself “how did they do that?” Or maybe you finished watching Super 8 and were left wondering just how much work had gone into creating the film. It’s no secret that movies require a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of money but what exactly goes into the production of these films and what usually takes up the most time might really surprise you.

Of course there is a writing process involved and that can take several months and then some, once the script is finished. Revisions are in order, at times, and no matter how creative the script is, the people bankrolling the production can always decide they want to change something crucial for marketing purposes. Then you have the task of finding all the actors you need to play the part and that can take several months of auditions just to find the perfect actor to match what you are looking for. Shooting can take a few years and then, once that is all done, the film has to be edited and put together into the finished product. So the next time you maybe see a two hour box office bomb and snort derisively, stop and think about how much work went into that awful piece. It might just make it a little more appreciable.

Film Production Producers That Make Up The Best

Producer, director, and writer, Steven Spielberg tops the list of the most notable film producers of all time. Every production that he has been involved with have always topped the critically acclaimed and top grossing movie list. He is possibly second to the infamous Walt Disney.

A movie’s producer is no different than a music producer in terms of product delivery. The role is to distribute the movie to all the key players in the industry without compromising the vision of the film. Therefore, the producer has major control over major aspects Read the rest of this entry »

The Film Industry, And Film Production

Movies have become very diverse in nature, and much of this has to do with the film industry. There are major motion pictures, but there is also a growing amount of film production for independent films. Hollywood isn’t the only place where stars are made anymore. The entire world is stepping to the table to offer up different movies to comprise what we now know as the film industry.

There are Bollywood films, Cannes Films Festival movies, Sundance Film Festival motion pictures, and a large selection of other independent films. Film production has expanded Hollywood to Atlanta, Read the rest of this entry »

The Film Production Producers That Changed The Industry

One very important aspect of film making is the producer. The producer is the one who oversees the project and makes sure that it works out the way it is planned. While directors direct the actors and the crew with how things are to be done, it is the producer that keeps it all together. There have been a lot of producers that have changed the film industry with some of the great films that have come out. A lot of these Read the rest of this entry »

Film Production: Easy Degree In The Field

Is there truly such a thing as an “easy degree” in the world of film production? There is nothing easy at all about the world of film production as it requires a great deal of hard work and effort. However, there are certain ways you can make a career in the film industry a lot easier than you would think it could be. There is always a way of making the process much one that eliminates the hardship. Those that acquire a degree related Read the rest of this entry »